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Simplify Staffing.

Make vacancies a thing of the past. Make our network your network.

How do we do it?

The Ntelicor team works tirelessly to ensure that your team can get back to business quickly. Our well-honed four-step methodology provides highly recommended professionals for all of your IT staffing needs.

Step 1:
Thorough Professional Vetting

From the many rise only the few.

Our 20+ years of experience, proprietary processes and AI-powered integrated platform provide you with a hard to access network. We screen each candidate for more than resume keywords. We take the time to understand their background and career aspirations before any recommendations are ever made. This means we look for past accomplishments and future asipirations to achieve the perfect fit for you.

Step 2: Strong Shortlist Recommendations

Step away from the conveyor belt of average.

Other staffing firms play the numbers. They think, "If we push enough people through to our clients, we'll eventually find the right professional." Wrong. The assembly line methodology is costly and wastes your time. Ntelicor uses a more precise approach, one that emphasizes quality over quantity. For our clients, that translates into lower attrition rates and less time and money to fill vacant roles.

Step 3: Genuine Relationship Building

Know exactly who you're hiring.

Creating the proper rapport takes time. We don't just provide a one-size-fits-all form for your future employee and send them to the waiting pool. We take the time to personally interview candidates and build a relationship. We know that the person you interview is the person we've spoken with, gotten to know, and given our full seal of approval.

Step 4: Active and
Open Communication

Integrate with confidence. Limit the distractions.

Our job doesn't end with a successful recommendation. Ntelicor's proprietary methodology allows for simple and effective onboarding. You'll find us to be positively responsive to ensure any needs are met swiftly.